MTGO DraftCap

MTGO DraftCap is a program designed to record Magic Online (MTGO) drafts. To use it, simply run the program, and when you start your draft, just double-click the icon in the system tray. When you're done, double-click the icon again and the list of packs/picks will pop up. That's it!

If DraftCap does not work for you, email me screenshots from your draft (found in the 'debugging' directory of DraftCap) and I will investigate ASAP. This is the best way for me to figure out why the program isn't working.

If you would like to draft sets besides those included with the installer, you can download the below data files into your MTGO_DraftCap\data\cardlists directory. Note that the more data files present, the more memory DraftCap will take up, so don't go overboard.


MTGO Data Files: (Unzip these to data\cardlists in MTGO_DraftCap directory)



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